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Save the Date card grab

from the floor

Sometimes the idea is good but doesn’t fit the client. I try to file these away and use them to inspire future projects.

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iPad user testing

iPad app guidelines

I remember the original ABC news app. It had each tile of news as an image wrapped around a sphere that was to represent the glob/abc logo. It was fun for about 30 seconds…

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social post

washed up brainstorm?

Solutions only flow when the problem becomes interesting enough to demand new ideas.

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UnPrepared Meals website screen grab


Unfortunately many of these flavor filled intentions get filed away as something they would “love to make later.”

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Polyscience TFT UI

Extremely easy to use, the Advanced Programmable Controller’s time/temperature programming allows you to create and edit programs quickly and easily.

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Herb Roasted Screen Grab

Roasted Chicken Video

  Things started with a one day sale on whole chickens at the local Whole Foods. The labor to flavor ratio on a whole roasted chicken is off the charts, and I wanted to see if I could get some others to cook a whole chicken for the first time as I had two days [...]

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West3 Prep Table

The West3 Prep Table allows your food prep needs to elegantly move beyond the kitchen. The integrated knife block and trimmings container make this 304 grade stainless table a self contained prep station. The knife block is made by Wustoff and has 8 knife slots of varying sizes as well as a place for a [...]

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west3 facebook store

facebook store

If your store can move directly to your facebook page then you have removed a single click from the user flow…

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Garage Art Class Video

Garage art class

Our backyard neighbor Glenna Gow turned her garage into a very urban looking art studio for all the neighborhood kids. This short video collects 2 hours of surprisingly focused kids activity.

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Warriors Reaching Out logo

Warriors Reaching Out

Joy Ross, at Waubonsie, has been tirelessly working to organize a South African trip for her choir. She was inspired after watching a touching Freedom Day concert last year. I created this logo, the unifying image for all her fund raising materials.

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