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needs more gigawatts

a heuristic analysis of is the grand-daddy of user generated content, and has been incredibly successful connecting buyers and sellers on a local level. The simple text based design of the site has gone through very little change since its start as a mailing list in San Francisco, and the look and feel of the site has [...]

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1200 grit

user content acquisition on
Craig Newmark prefers the term “customer service representative” rather than founder. His site needs to reflect that ethos.

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A good design team needs a great waterboy

be the water boy for your design team

This article by Branden Kowitz makes some very simple elegant points about why fit and finish matter. Technology is making it easier and easier to just make things work, but designers dedicated to their craft add credibility to the product.

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design for life

The products that take design seriously and incorporate it from the start are going to be the ones that connect with people in a way that really makes an impact in the world.

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get involved

If you understand the business implications of what you are creating you can defend it when some conference room sniper tries to take it down from 50 paces.

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UX wireframes

We are creating a touchscreen interface running behind a TFT screen. With the thermal conductivity of various proteins known, it is possible to precisely calculate when a piece of meat is perfectly cooked. The initial plan was to recreate the functionality of Sous Vide Dash to work on hardware that doesn’t support scrolling very well. I used [...]

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Save the Date card grab

from the floor

Sometimes the idea is good but doesn’t fit the client. I try to file these away and use them to inspire future projects.

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iPad user testing

iPad app guidelines

I remember the original ABC news app. It had each tile of news as an image wrapped around a sphere that was to represent the glob/abc logo. It was fun for about 30 seconds…

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social post

washed up brainstorm?

Solutions only flow when the problem becomes interesting enough to demand new ideas.

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