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“If you are the best designer alive, but work in a place ignorant of design, your lack of credibility in the culture renders your design ability useless.”
-Scott Berkun

Too many times a designer try to stay above the political fray and just supply the ideas. This shields them from criticism and other intra-office unpleasantries.

“Let the accountants figure out if it can make money”
“Let the account manager sell it to the client”
“Let it be somebody else’s problem.”

Ignoring all these little nitty gritty exersizes demeans your work. To really build things that are useful you need to get down in the mud a little. Invest yourself in something so that your feelings are a little bit hurt when it gets shot down. If you understand the business implications of what you are creating you can defend it when some conference room sniper tries to take it down from 50 paces. If you aren’t armed with this knowledge you are packing a knife at a gun fight.

“They always choose the worst one.” -every designer, ever

It is tempting to blame the client when they choose the wrong design , but then why did you let them? Stop being some sort of pseudo neutral switzerland and get in there and fight for the good one. We will ignore the fact that the bad ideas should never even waste the client’s time and just focus on selling your good work.

Facebook isn’t the place to get into heated discussions about things you care about, but the office certainly is.


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