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Peak Performance Training is a local business that provides personal training for individuals and athletes. They also run boot camps for groups, and have a program specifically designed for brides-to-be. Scott came to me because they wanted their website to be a better business tool. Currently it is an iWeb based site that Scott edits himself when he has the time.

I was happy to hear they were doing online marketing already. They had a facebook page and were posting regular fitness videos on their Youtube channel. The problem was that they weren’t leveraging this on their website. We needed to move their site to a content management system and utilize all of their online content there.

The first step was to work up some loose wire-frames of what the site should look like.  A boutique personal trainer isn’t really something you sign up for online, so that wasn’t the goal. Instead our goal was to get the user engaged in their fitness and thinking about PPT as the key to better health and performance.

Initial wireframes for the site refresh.

Initial wireframes for the site refresh.

I kept the contact information at the top of the page so that it was the first thing a mobile visitor will see. The goal is to convert visitors to leads, and we want to make it as easy as possible for the visitors to start that process. The general layout was based on the 960 grid and will be built to be responsive across a wide variety of screen sizes.

This was the Photoshop Mockup for general look and feel for the updated site.

This was the Photoshop Mockup for general look and feel for the updated site.

The first item a user’s eye is drawn to are the large call to action buttons. Scott identified two specific clients: regular people trying to get in shape and athletes trying to gain an edge. Rather than pitch them both on the front page and have half the visitors not be interested in half of the content, I designed the site to let them self select. In addition to allowing us to serve visitors more targeted content, this method gets the user engaged in the site and helps to lower the bounce rate. This will also give us a rough view of the demographics of the visitors of the site. A strong call to action is paramount on a  site like this, and it is best to make that button do more than just advance a user to another page.

Once I had the rough layout done it was time to build a look and feel. Scouting out other fitness sites I could see that the landscape is pretty messy. This was a chance for Scott and Co. to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

I integrated the video into the home page, and gave their testimonials a more prominent position. These user reviews are incredibly valuable, and should be treated that way. A simple script will allow 3 or 4 different testimonials to rotate while the page is loaded.

The next step is building the code behind this to bring it to life. I am going to use the responsive template from Columnal. I did a quick test and I think this is the way to go.



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