UX wireframes

Sous Vide UI Wireframes

Sous Vide UI Wireframes

We are creating a touchscreen interface running behind a TFT screen. With the thermal conductivity of various proteins known, it is possible to precisely calculate when a piece of meat is perfectly cooked. The initial plan was to recreate the functionality of Sous Vide Dash to work on hardware that doesn’t support scrolling very well. I used Axure RP to work up something to use for the first meeting with all the project stakeholder.


During the meeting it became clear that this wasn’t just a tool, but and educational challenge as well. The most seasoned cooks didn’t fully understand what was happening in that precisely controlled water bath. This tool needed to educate the user as well as provide professional kitchen features that would improve food sanitation documentation as well as improve consistency of the food. The programming features were easy to add since they were generally re-purposed from the laboratory version, but the UI was a total rework. I tossed my initial mock up completely in the garbage and started over. The meeting had completely re-defined the problem and the user perspective. Now that we had a much clearer direction, things could really start cooking.

Even high end chef’s don’t really understand “time to core” and other basic sous vide concepts

The user had to be able to load, edit and create recipe profiles. The main profile screen was designed so that adjustments in thickness and initial temp were geographically close to the cook time them effected. This fundamental relationship is paramount to Sous Vide cooking, and keeping these things on separate screens was not an option. I built in somewhat of a safety flow to prevent accidental editing of a cook profile. This profile would be used for dishes day after day, and an inadvertent change was something I wanted to make as rare as possible.

Profile Running Screen

Profile Running Screen

The rest of the screens borrow form the general lab layout with data eliminated whenever possible. I offered two way to browse the profiles so that you could speed through them in batches or look at each profile individually. Sometimes you know what you want, other times you might need to jog your memory. These options should fit both situations, and toggling back and forth is a single button click away.

There is a home button on all non edit screens. This button stays in the same position throughout the application, and the next and back buttons appear in a consistent location when they are appropriate.

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