West3 spice rub

jar of West3 Spice Rub

Jar of West3 Spice Rub

This is the rub that started it all. Initially made for a Heart Dad rib-a-thon, but when some honest to goodness Texans preferred it over their home grown Salt Lick spice rub we knew we had something on our hands. We have refined things a little since then as we have made batch after batch, and now we have an incredibly versatile rub that was born to dance with Ribs, but has found quite a home alongside seafood. It is one deliciously versatile mutha!

All spices are lightly toasted before they are hand ground to bring out all of the spices delicious potential. The rub is then mixed in batches to keep as much texture as possible. Most other rubs are all of uniform shape, but by mixing each ingredient on its own we are able to maintain an amount of texture variance that you won’t EVER see in a store bought rub. Just look at the picture to see what I am talking about, it is almost as pretty as it is tasty.

Jars are printed two color on the front and one on the back. They hold 5.25 oz by weight and we make them in batches of 144.

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